2017 Summer XC Training Camp

Marin Running Group registration


Why XC Summer Training Camp?

  • Motivational Group to challenge you, motivate you and hold you accountable.
  • Coached by Former High School Track and XC coach.
  • Nutrition, Training, and injury prevention advice from experienced professional running coaches.
  • One-on-one goal setting and programming with coaches.
  • Sweet discounts at local running shops as well as many races.
  • Consistency and accountability are the keys to reaching your running goals.

Group Training Schedule

Monday – Wednesday – Friday

9 am @ Tennessee Valley Trailhead

Early Summer Session Midsummer Session Late Summer Session
June 19 – July 7 July 10 – July 28 Aug 9 – Aug 21
$175 $175 $125
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For convenience, the summer will be broken into 3 sessions. As consistency is key to growing as an athlete, runners are encouraged to participate in as often as their schedule allows.

(Registration will be limited to 20 participants)

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About the Coach

Training is provided by Head Coach Levi Webb. Levi is a Professional Running Coach and has been an avid runner for more than 20 years. Levi has Coached Young Runners of all ages from beginners to nation Champions. Levi spent Three years coaching Track and Field and Cross Country at Marin Academy, and founded Marin Youth Trail Runs in 2011. Levi also shares a love of Skittles with his 3-year-old son Bodhi.

What to expect

Training takes place 3 days per week and should be supplemented with additional training on your own dependent upon individual running ability. Most workouts will be about 1 hour long. Below is the general schedule, however, runs may vary as training progresses.

Most runners are likely to miss a few days of training throughout the summer, but for best results, runners should strive to attend as often as possible.


9 am @ Tennessee Valley Trailhead – Mill Valley

Strength training for runners is cardio intensive body weight circuit training that focuses on strengthening the muscle groups most important to distance runners. Movements will challenge balance, core strength, and muscular endurance. These movements are essential for any runner that wants to make it to the finish line without injury. We will also use this day to practice running form, drills, foam rolling, as well as other skills every runner should know.


9 am @ Tennessee Valley Trailhead – Mill Valley

Interval training is an important key to becoming a faster runner. Interval training is characterized by intense efforts followed by recovery time. The benefits of running at your redline are many- including improved VO2 Max and increased lactate threshold.


9 am @ Tennessee Valley Trailhead – Mill Valley

Tempo Runs are sometimes known as Lactate Threshold (LT) runs. This is because these runs are done at a pace slightly above the pace in which your body is able to completely clear lactic acid. Training at this pace is intended to push that threshold higher so your body is able to run fast longer before fatiguing. Tempo pace can be described as comfortably challenging.


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