2022 Youth Dipsea Training

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Since 2012, Youth Dipsea Training Runs has been the most popular youth trail running program in Marin. We are happy to announce that we have rallied the coaches and will be returning for another great season of trail running beginning March 20th.

This year team spots will be limited so please sign up early

We will plan on running the Dipsea Race on June 12th, but if the Dipsea is canceled or postponed we will continue to enjoy weekly runs anyway (as long as local restrictions allow).

Participants should plan to follow proper Covid precautions including social distancing, masking, and staying home when appropriate.

What is the Dipsea?

The Dipsea is a historic Marin trail race dating back to 1905. The race spans approximately 7 miles of steep terrain and single track trail beginning in downtown Mill Valley and finishing in Stinson Beach. There are a limited number of entries, and all runners may not be accepted, though all are welcome to participate in the youth training runs. Find out more about the historic Dipsea Race at Dipsea.org.


Sunday Mornings @ 10am

March 20th – June 5th


Youth Training Runs begin Sunday, March 20.  Training runs will continue each Sunday at a different Marin trailhead until the Dipsea race on June 12th. Participants will be emailed weekly with details of the upcoming run. Training will include a combination of longer training runs with the possibility of races if races become available during the season.


2022 Youth Dipsea Training runs are intended for runners ages 8-14. All ability levels are welcome so long as they can make it off each trail still smiling.

(Click here for our team training for Teens and Adults.)


Levi Webb is Head Running Expert at Pinnacle Running. Levi has been coaching runners of all ages for 10 years and founded Marin Youth Trail Runs in 2012 to benefit the young runners in the local community.

Jamie Rivers is a recently retired pediatric nurse and two-time Dipsea Winner. Jamie has 17 Dipsea black shirts and is the only female to ever win the Dipsea, Double Dipsea, and Quad Dipsea Races. Jamie has been coaching the Youth Dipsea Training Program since 2017

Roy Rivers is Jamie’s husband and the only other person to ever win the Dipsea, Double Dipsea, and Quad Dipsea Races.  Roy has also been coaching the Youth Dipsea Training Program since 2017


Registration is limited to  runners per age group


We anticipate reaching maximum capacity this year. Runners registering after the first 50 will be placed on the waitlist.


Will the Dipsea happen at its normal time this year?

We anticipate that the Dipsea will happen at its usual spring date. If the Dipsea is canceled or postponed we will continue with our weekly trail runs just for the fun of trail running.

Does registration include entry into the Dipsea Race?

No. Participants must register for the Dipsea Race separately. Runners have a very good chance of getting into the race so long as you submit your application from Marin County on the day it becomes available. Please visit the dipsea.org website for full registration details.

Do I need to plan to run the Dipsea to participate?

No, the Dipsea is just a fun end-of-season goal. Runners are encouraged to join our weekly runs whether or not they are planning on participating in the Dipsea.

What if I am not a strong runner?

Participants need to be able to walk/run at least 4 miles over 2 hours and make it off the trail still smiling. If you do NOT like running, exercise, and the outdoors, this is definitely not the right group for you.

This sounds hard, is it going to be hard?

Yes, trail running is challenging, that is one of the best things about it. If for some reason you feel you are not being challenged, please talk to a coach and we will give you some ways to challenge you more.

Do runners need to wear masks?

Runners should bring a mask to wear anytime space is tight or we are gathered as a group. Runners are not required to wear masks while running.

Do runners need to be vaccinated against Covid?


What if it rains?

Make sure to wear a waterproof jacket.


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