Point Bonita Run and McInnis TCRS

Ahoy Runners and Parents,
This Sunday (July 22)  group run will begin at Rodeo Beach @ noon. ***Please take note the noon starting time***. This area can be a little tricky to get to, but well worth the drive. Our proposed route will be a 3.5 mile loop take will take us across Rodeo Beach and up to Point Bonita Lighthouse were we will take a little tour of the historic landmark before our return. We will be starting at noon rather than the usual 10am because the tunnel and bridge to the lighthouse does not open until 12:30. This is a great opportunity to visit one of Marin’s most picturesque landmarks while enjoying an amazing run.
This Friday (July 20) is the next TCRS race, and this one includes golf. Show up at 2:30 and enjoy a round of golf, or if you are not a golfer, the race will begin at 6:30. Want even more excitement, stay for dinner and music. This is a great event for parents and children alike.
For the Sunday run, Mike and I will likely carpool from the Mill Valley park and ride. If you would like to join this carpool please let me know, or set up your own carpool with the help of the Marin Youth Trail Runs Facebook Group.

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