Please help in choosing a new date and time for youth trail runs in Marin

Hi Parents and Runners,

Daylight savings has once again shortened our days making for  great sunset runs, however to avoid running in the dark, group runs will need a new time/day as we head through the winter.
Many parents have asked about weekends, It is difficult to find a time that works for everybody, but I have a few options pasted below. If you have a preference for one of these options please let me know by responding to this email.
Thusdays 4pm
Saturdays 10 am
Sundays 2pm
***This Thursday (Nov 14) group  run will remain at the regular time of 4:30 at Tennessee Valley Trailhead.*** Little runners (age 6-10) are welcome to join us for these runs also! Wink wink, Oscar, Summer, Brendan, Luke.
Also, I want to welcome Timothee who joined us for a great run on Fox Trail last Thursday. Timothee, age 11, shows quite a bit of enthusiasm and running talent.
Happy Trails,
Levi Webb

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