Dipsea Stairs Run this Sunday

Greetings Parents and Runners,
Thank you everyone for another fantastic easter run. for those of you keeping track, that was our longest run yet at about 7 miles.

This Sunday April 12, 10am, we will meet at Old Mill Park in Mill Valley and we will be running the Dipsea Steps. The route will take us up the Dipsea Stairs, over windy gap, then up the Sun Trail and Redwood Trail to Mt. Home Inn, before returning via Tenderfoot. This route is slightly shorter than last week, but the stairs are much more steep. 1.75 hours about 6 miles.

I understand many runners will be out of town for spring break. If that is the case and you still want to stay on track with the rest of the group a 5-6 mile hike/run with a big hill is the way to go if you can find a big hill nearby.

Happy Trails,

Levi Webb

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