Dipsea Race This Sunday

Parents and Runners,

We finally made it! the Dipsea is this Sunday! please make sure you pick up your bib number ahead of time according to the instructions you should have received in the mainland check you start time at dipsea.org. Also, be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before your start time to allow for parking/bathrooms/warmup.
I hope to have a spot that we can all meet and high five near the awards stand after the race. If you are not staying for the awards I would love if you are able to stop by with a high five to tell me how you feel you did.
Thank you to all the the runners that participated in our runs this Dipsea Season, as well as all the parents that helped.
Parents, I would like to know how you think we did. I am hoping that everyone will join me again for Dipsea training 2016, and I would like to hear any suggestions that you think would improve upon the program. Just let me know by responding to this email, or if you prefer to brainstorm ideas with everybody, post your ideas at Marin Youth Trail Runs Facebook Group.

Happy Trails,
Levi Webb

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