Marin Youth Sunday Run from Pantoll Ranger Station

Parents and Runners,
This Sunday (May 1) We will meet at Pantoll Ranger Station at 10am. Our run will take us down Old Mine Trail and Dipsea Trail towards Stinson Beach. We will then return back up on Steep Ravine Trail. Run Will be 5-6 miles and we expect to finish at about noon.

Currently the forecast for Sunday is gorgeously sunny, perhaps even hot. If parents are planning on hitting the trails also, I believe parking at Pantoll is $8, and I believe it is best if paid with cash.

Thank you to those that expressed concern about my back injury. I am feeling much better now and am expecting to be able to run with the group again this Sunday.

Also, we have a few registered runners for our Summer Runs, but we still need about 7 more. Details are available at

Happy Trails
Levi Webb


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