Jamie Rivers joins the Coaching Team

Parents and Runners,

We are currently three weeks out from the start of Youth Dipsea Training 2017. Our first training run will take place on Sunday, March 12. If you have not yet registered, this may be your last chance as we have fewer than 10 available spots remaining.

I also want to take this opportunity to announce the newest member of the 2017 Coaching team, Jamie Rivers.
Jamie is a recently retired Pediatric and Adult Critical Care Nurse at UCSF. Jamie has run the Dipsea 27 times and has accrued 17 black shirts including two overall wins. Jamie is also the only female to ever win the trifecta of Dipsea, Double Dipsea, and Quad Dipsea. (The only other person to accomplish this is Jamie’s husband Roy.)

Jamie has joined us in past training seasons as a guest coach, and we are ecstatic that she will be joining us on a regular basis in 2017.

If you have not registered already, time is running out. Click here to get full info and register.

View the tentative training schedule here (Now with Google Calendar by special request… If I set it up correctly.)


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