Muir Wood Trail Run 2018

Congratulations to all that participated in last Sunday’s TCRS.  We ended up with beautiful sunny weather and everyone raced wonderfully. Race results are here. I’ve included a few pictures in this email and have sted more in the Marin Youth Trail Runs Facebook Group.

This Sunday (April 15) we will meet at Muir Woods parking area (Dipsea Trailhead) at 10 am.  We will be running on up the DIpsea Trail from Muir Woods parking area to Cardiac. This is the longest climb in the Dipsea Race. After reaching Cardiac, we will return down the Ben Johnson Trail. This run is approximately 7 miles and climbs approximately 1300 feet. I estimate this run to take about 2.25 hours.

Muir Woods now requires reservations for those wishing to park in the parking area. You can make a parking reservation at For those dropping off and picking up no reservations are required.

Happy Trails,
Levi Webb



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