102nd Annual Dipsea

Aloha Parents and Runners,

The day many of you have been training for is almost here. The102nd Annual Dipsea race will be on June 10th beginning at 8:30am. For a pre-race pep talk, and warm up meet Mike Lotter under the clock by the Depot in downtown Mill valley at 8am. Everyone has trained hard and I am confident that everyone will perform excellently, none-the-less, I wish you luck and speed. I wish the same for Zach who will not be participating in the Dipsea, but rather the USA Pacific Association Track and Field Youth Championships. Parents, if you are able please get some photos from the Dipsea and share them on the Marin Youth Trail Runs Facebook Page.
We will resume our group trail runs on Sunday June 17th. We will meet at Mt. Home Inn along Panoramic Hwy at 10 am. The First day of the summer program we will take a little time before departing to introduce new runners joining our group for the Summer.

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