Let’s Rally for the Final Run of the Summer – Stinson Beach

Parents and Runners,

Summer is nearly over and everyone, including myself, is preparing to head back to school. But don’t call the summer over just yet, we have one more exciting run for our Marin Youth Trail Runs Summer Running Series. Like I sometimes do, I saved the best run for last. ***Sunday August 26th we will meet in the beach parking area in Stinson Beach @ 10am***. Our run will take us part way, or all the up the Steep Ravine Trail.
Our numbers have dwindled over the course of the summer, but lets rally, and take advantage of the few summer days we have left. I hope to see you all there. Let’s make this last run a good one.
Since Stinson Beach is a little out of the way, I am putting together a carpool from Mill Valley. I will have room for three. Contact me if you would like to jump in. If you are coming from farther North contact me and I will connect you with others to try to set up another carpool from maybe Novato, or use are Facebook page to connect directly with other parents.
USATF Youth Cross Country
If you expressed interest in USATF Youth Cross Country you should have received another email from me. If you are interested but did not receive an email I have posted an update here:
2013 Youth Dipsea Training
Based upon the success of the 2012 program, I will again be running a youth Dipsea Training program for 2013. The program will begin in March 2013 and end with the running of the historic Dipsea Race June 9th 2013. If you are interested in participating in the Dipsea in 2013 please plan ahead as this race can be challenging to get into (generally applications are accepted for a very short period in mid March).
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Happy Trails,
Levi Webb

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