Marin USATF Youth Cross Country Update

Ahoy Parents and Runners,

Thank you for expressing your interest in USATF Youth Cross Country. Here is the latest update.

Though I received multiple responses I did not receive enough responses from athletes in any one particular gender and age group to field an entire scoring team (minimum of five). However, it is still possible for runners to participate individually (as a Tamalpa runner or not), upon talking to other coaches, this is how the majority of competitors participate.
Thus far those that have expressed interest in participating are:
*Mark Churchill has indicated that he may have runners from Chinese Christian that are also interested in participating.

PAUSATF Youth XC Schedule

I am still in the process of trying to extract a full meet schedule from the organizers, but what I know for now is the first meet will be in Granite Regoinal Park in Sacramento on Sunday 9/23/12. There will be 8 races, all on Sundays, leading up to the Junior Olympics Nationals Race in Albuquerque, NM on December 8th.
*Race fees are usually $25 per race.


Practices are not required for participation, however I think we can all agree that a little practice is a good idea. With the commitment of at least four runners I will host youth only XC training runs at Tennessee Valley Trailhead Friday’s at 4pm. The training fee for the Season would be ($200). Since I am asking that athletes commit for the entire season, drop in will not be available.
***I will be holding group runs only if a minimum of four runners commit to the Cross Country season. Please respond to let me know you, parent and runner, would like to commit to group practices for the 2012 XC season.***

Joining Tamalpa

For those that would like to represent Tamalpa you will need to join the Tamalpa Runners Club ($35/year) as well as sign-up for USATF as a Tamalpa Runner ($25/year). Tamalpa uniforms are available at Marin Running Company in San Anselmo. As we will not be fielding a full team, and my coaching is not actually affiliated with the club, it is not necessary to join Tamalpa to participate in either the training runs or the races, but I am a big supporter of the organization and those that join are in good company.
Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is something I have not covered.
Happy Trails,
Levi Webb

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