Marin Summer Runs 2014

Parents and Runners,

Summer Runs
Our first run of the summer will be this Sunday June 29th, 10am at Loma Alta (end of Glen Drive in Fairfax). This run will be lead by Graham Tewksbury. As this is the first run of the Summer, I am excited to see who will be joining Graham and I as Graham shows us some of his favorite trails in his neighborhood.
We are still looking for one of our youth runners to volunteer to lead next weeks run (Sunday June 6th). Please talk to your runner and see if they would be interested in leading the group on a 6-8 mile run in your neighborhood and let me know where the group should meet.
Congratulations Dipsea Runners! I am impressed with everyones performance, and a special congratulations to Wyatt on his 10th place overall finish combined with Johnny Lawson’s 8th place finish to win this years family award. See full results here.
If you have Dipsea photos please share them on the Marin Youth Trail Runs Facebook Page.

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