Dipsea Training Run with Alex Varner

Howdy Parents and Runners,

Congratulations to all who participated in the Mt. Burdell TCRS. It was a really tough course and all who participated should be proud of their completion.
You won’t want to miss this Sunday’s run as it will be led by special guest and Dipsea Record holder for fastest time, Alex Varner.
This Sunday, March 29, our run will depart from the parking area at Muir Beach at 10am.
Our longer route will go up Coastal Trail to Pirates Cove and return down Middle Green Gulch Trail (~6 miles). Our younger group will continue up Coastal trail and meet back up with the older runners on Coyote Ridge before returning down Middle Green Gulch (~5 miles).
Sunday, April 5th, will be our Annual Easter Run. For this Easter themed run we start with an egg hunt along the Dipsea Trail, eat our share of candy, and gift the rest to happy hikers as we return. Easter run departs from Muir Woods parking area at 10am. (Bonus life points to anyone wearing bunny ears.)
Happy Trails,
Levi Webb

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