Dipsea Registration March 15th

Parents and Runners,

We are thrilled with the great Dipsea training group we have for 2016. This Sunday (March 13) 10am we will again meet at Ross Common. 

Mark your calendars, Dipsea Registration is March 15th. For best chances of getting entry into the DIpsea 2016, it is important that the registration be submitted as immediately when it becomes available and following the guidelines outlined in the “How to Enter” section of the Dipsea.org website.

I also Suggest that your registration include a note from your runner as to why running the Dipsea is important to them (aka sob story). This is still no guaruntee of Dipsea entry, but in previous years this has worked out well.

Also, I have had a few folks that have asked to add additional emails to our mailing list to keep other parents in the know. You can now add additional people to this mailing list here.


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