Practice Dipsea 2017

Parents and Runners,

This Sunday (May 28) at 10 am, we will be running a practice Dipsea from start to finish (including shortcuts). This will be a point to point run beginning at Old Mill Park at 10 am, and ending with a picnic for the whole family at Stinson beach at about noon.

My wife and son will arrive at Stinson Beach an hour early and secure a picnic spot (hopefully in the grassy area near the Dipsea Finish). We will be providing plates, utensils, hotdogs + fixings, and watermelon.  Please feel free to contribute other food and beverages that you think everyone would enjoy after a nice long run.

Please Note: We will be running the Dipsea Shortcuts. Many of these routes will still be overgrown including with Poison Oak. Runners sensitive to poison oak should wear long tight and long sleeves.

Happy Trails,


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