Dipsea Race is this Sunday

Parents and Runners,

Dipsea Race is This Sunday (June 11) beginning at 8:30 am in Downtown Mill Valley.

Congratulations runners on all your training this season. This Sunday is the day for which we have been preparing. Please be sure to review Runner Info as well know your start times before you arrive. To make race day run smoother, I suggest you pick up your number and shoe tag prior to race day at one of the locations mentioned on the runner info page.

Runners will want to arrive in downtown Mill Valley with ample time to get a warm up, drop off drop bags, use the restroom and DOUBLE KNOT shoes before their race start.

Good Luck out there. Have fun, run hard, and make sure to come tell me about your race after you cross the finish line. Thank you for sharing the trails with me this season. I hope to see you in the summer.

Happy Trails,

P.S. Summer Training details will be coming in another email later this week.


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