Dipsea Race Prep 2018

Congratulations Parents and Runners,

We have made it through three months of training, and now the time has come to put all that training to the test. Dipsea Race is this Sunday (June 10) @ 8:30 am beginning in downtown Mill Valley.

On behalf of all the coaches, I want to congratulate all the athletes on all their hard work and miles we have put in over the season. As we are in the final preparation for Dipsea here are some things to keep in mind to ensure you have your best race.

1. Make sure to read Dipsea Runner Info. This has lots of important info including packet pickup. This should answer most questions you may have about race day.

2. Make sure you know your start time.

3. Take it easy this week. Stay hydrated and try to avoid big runs and other physically challenging activities this week to ensure you are fresh and ready to run on race day.

4. On race day, eat a light breakfast (carbs), and make sure to plan your arrival early enough to get a little warm up (light running and dynamic stretches,) and use the restroom before your start time.


I will go through a warm up once with athletes that wish to participate at 8:20 am, however, Athletes should plan to warm up on their own with light running and dynamic stretches about 15 minutes before their individual start time.

I suggest on race day that athletes run as light as possible. this means not carrying water or extra clothes. There are aid stations along the trail, and you can put jackets and warm up clothes in a drop bag near the start and have it delivered to the finish line.

Good luck out there athletes. Make sure you stop by and let me about your race after you cross the finish line.

After race day I recommend all athletes take a few weeks off from running then join us for summer runs beginning July 1

Happy Trails,
Levi Webb


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