Congratulations Dipsea Runners

No matter your place, anyone bold enough to attempt this race is already a winner in my book, but if you do want to know your place and time this year make sure you check out the Dipsea Results.

Also, if you have pictures from the race please make sure to share them on the Marin Youth Trail Runs Facebook group.

It has been a pleasure to share the trails with so many talented runners this season. Thank you, athletes, for all your hard work and dedication.

Thank you, parents, for letting these great runners participate and getting them to and from these far-flung trailheads, as well as helping out when needed to make this a great experience for these young athletes.

Also, thank you to our great coaches. I am so appreciative to have you along, and I do hope you will return to coach the next Dipsea Training Runs.

Next years Dipsea Training is planned to begin the first week of March 2019. 

Summer Trail Runs begin July 1st with a nice steep run in Tennessee Valley. We still have a few spots available for the summer so if you have not yet registered you are not too late. Full info and registration at

Happy Trails,
Levi Webb


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