Dipsea Results, Pictures, and Upcoming Summer Runs

Parents and Runners,

Congratulations to all Dipsea Participants. I am very proud of everybody. What an amazing day of racing!!!

If you haven’t done so already please check out the Preliminary Results Here.

I haven’t seen pictures of many of our young runners, so please share your favorite pics and stories on the Marin Youth Trail Runs Facebook Page. Also, Pam Wendel has a great collection of Dipsea photos Here.
Summer Running!!!!
Our first Run of the Summer is this Sunday. We will be meeting at the Northwest Parking Lot of the Golden Gate Bridge at 10am on Sunday (June  16) and run approximately 5 miles to Tennessee Valley. This is a fantastic trail that every runner should do at least once.
Little’s Runs (ages 7-10) will resume at a new time of 4pm on Thursdays followed immediately by the 10+ group at 5:30. All thursday Runs will take place from Tennessee Valley unless otherwise specified.
415 Race!!!
The Race Director of the 415 Races (July 21) has provided Marin Youth Trail Runners a $5 discount when you sign up through this link and use the attached coupon code. Full race information and Registration here
 Tristen Dipsea Brendan and Peyton Dipsea Dustin Dipsea Julian Dipsea Wyatt Dipsea Summer Dipsea

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