2015 Youth Dipsea Training Runs

Dipsea Runners May 20, 2012

Since 2012, Youth Dipsea Training Runs has been the most popular youth trail running program in Marin,  training youth runners ages 8-14, both first time Dipsea runners and veteran runners, including many top finishers. We will again be carrying on the legacy in Spring 2015.

What is the Dipsea?DIpsea

The Dipsea is a historic Marin trail race dating back to 1905. The race spans approximately 7 miles of steep terrain and single track trail beginning in downtown Mill Valley and finishing in Stinson Beach. Though there are a limited number of entries, and all runners may not be accepted, all are welcome to participate in the youth training runs. Find out more about the historic Dipsea Race at Dipsea.org.

When and Where

Youth Training Runs Begin Sunday March 8th at 10am at Ross Common.  Training runs will continue each Sunday, each week at a different Marin Trailhead, until the Dipsea race on Sunday, June 14th. Training will include a combination of long training runs and three trail races sponsored by Marin’s Tamalpa Club. Each month will include 3 training runs and one race. Please make sure to subscribe to the Marin Youth Trail Runs Newsletter using the form below to ensure you stay up to date with time and place.

*Like in previous years, a second training day may be added for veteran runners based upon demand and veteran runners weekday availability.


2015 Youth Dipsea Training runs is intended for runners age 10-14, however, younger runners may also participate if they show ability to train with older runners, or if enough if we have enough interested young runners to create a second group. Please inquire using the form below if you have a runner under age 10 that may be interested.


Runners will be coached by Professional Trail Running Coach Levi Webb who, while already training many talented runners, founded the Marin Youth Trail Running Group in 2012. Levi is an accomplished runner and coach having coached many top youth runners both through Marin Youth Trail Runs and at the High School level while coaching at Marin Academy where Levi coached Track and Field, and Cross Country for many years.


To Register please fill out the form below to be added to the Marin Youth Trail Runs Newsletter. As we run from various trailheads, this will ensure that you receive all necessary information regarding meeting places and times. Also, please print and fill out the 2015 Youth Dipsea Training Registration and Emergency Contact Forms available here. These forms will also be available from the coach on training days.

3 month season = $200

Drop in = $25


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